DN Prasad is leading company in India where we are not only a portal based financial consulting company, we are some of the best minds in financial sector. Our decades of experience in guiding individual and corporate clients the most appropriate and enriching investment opportunities have brought thousands of success stories. DN Prasad professional commitment to provide the best of consulting has made it one of the most renowned mutual fund distributor in India. With you all the way!

DN Prasad today gets over thousands of visitors every month across all its platforms-web, mobile and tablets that makes it one of the most popular financial platform in India. While we've changed and evolved the way financial consulting is done, the belief and passion to be the best and the most innovative has driven us to do more for our customers.

Team of DN Prasad

Below are our team members.

Mr. D N Prasad

Founder and CEO

Sudarshan D Prasad

Son Of Mr. D.N Prasad

Mrs. Spandana S